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  • Our Story

    Mastro Cigars was birthed from a family tradition. The Mastrodonato men gathered to smoke a cigar while I was on leave during my military career. Over the years, I took the love of cigars further, began venturing out to smoke cigars, and formed a collection in every country I visited.

    Fast forward some many years later, I asked my wife, "Why don't we start a brand of our own?" Her response was, "let's do it!" Now we are investing in ourselves and our love of cigars.

    I have always had a dream of creating a legacy with the family name, now with Mastro Cigars, I am paying homage to my grandfather, Paul Mastrodonato, and my Pop, Robert Mastrodonato. La Famiglia É Tutto!

    What better way to honor memories than to celebrate the art of smoking a cigar with our family name on it.

Introducing Mastro Cigars